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Meet Our Team

Max – Co Founder, Head of Development 

Always driven by great ambitions. Believes that all events are not random and that a series of small steps lead to them.

Dreams of building a world-famous brand! And he believes that team building is the most important thing in this matter.

Plays tennis at the amateur level. Big fan of Motorsport and Formula 1. Loves Italian cuisine and everything pistachio.

Alex – Co Founder, SEO 
George – Head of Production, Procurement Specialist

An optimist in life. Reasonable and purposeful. He loves two things: learning, gaining new knowledge and skills, and traveling.

Creative energy, brilliant thoughts, plans and ideas are always seething in him. Always soberly assesses the situation, and when faced with a problem, they think carefully about ways to solve it.

In his free time he likes to draw and attend rock concerts.

Darua – Customer Support Manager, Sales Manager 

Leo to the zodiac sign. One of the most important hobbies was dancing, from the age of 7 she was fond of dancing, graduated from dance school. It is also interesting to draw pictures by numbers. 

He likes to draw pictures and give them to his loved ones for various holidays. Tazhka likes to cook. The main dish is «borscht». The way to people’s hearts is through the stomach and I find contact with them through this method. 

And of course, who does not like to dream and travel, the main dream is to visit Greece and learn all the history and sights of this country. 

Anton – Specialist of production

I have a higher technical education. My education provided the foundation for my professional aspirations, teaching me not only technical skills, but also developing analytical thinking and the ability to solve complex problems.

In addition to my technical skills, I also value creative problem solving and have excellent communication skills. I believe that within a team, diverse opinions and ideas enrich the process and help achieve the best results.

As for my hobbies, I like to read books and watch movies, I also like to play basketball – it is a game that requires stamina and strategy. This game teaches me constant growth and perseverance.

Eugene – Specialist of production

My hobby is traveling. This allows you to better learn about the traditions and culture of any country, any place, see its colorful, varied sights, as well as meet native speakers of the language or even learn to understand it a little, and maybe even speak it, learning the most common phrases, which will only bring benefits in spiritual development.

 I am also not indifferent to board games. After all, when you play board games in a company, it helps develop thinking and communication skills.

Yury – Specialist of production

I have always loved working with my hands, so one of my main interests was making things from wood and neon. I always have ideas in my head and I try to bring them into reality. In my free time from work, I am always inspired to take up photography. 

I notice a lot of curious things around me every day. I want to capture as many different moments as possible in order to keep them in my memory.

 It is also very important to me that photography gives me the opportunity to express myself and unleash my creativity.

Anton – Specialist of production

My hobby is cars. I love cars, I love fixing them, and also driving them, I love different models of cars, I always help everyone fix cars. I am interested in various announcements for cars that are not cheap. 

I always watch reviews on YouTube, where they talk about cars that can fly, drive on water, or how much a particular brand of car costs and what its advantages are. My favorite car brand is BMW

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