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Back in 2015, there were these two people, Alex and Max. While studying chemistry at university together, we wanted to create a company! there were a lot of ideas, but for a long time it was impossible to implement anything.

Alex had a hobby, he made leather goods for himself and his friends! But Max saw the potential in this and suggested turning his hobby into a commercial product. There were a lot of difficulties. Sometimes the thought came to us that we should end this and try something else. The first workshop was on our balcony and we lived in the same house to save on rent and invested all our free money in our small production. We were really into making cool stuff out of leather, like wallets, belts, bagsand other. We started in a small workshop and were like a dynamic duo, working together on their creations.

Then one day, something unexpected happened. We got a request to make an leather eye patch. It might sound weird, but that’s when we realized that lots of people actually wanted unique stuff like that. No one else was really giving a lot of thought to making these kinds of things.

Didn’t just want to make things – we wanted to create experiences. Put their hearts and souls into every piece made. People loved it!

We base in Warsaw.

We went from a small workshop to a big deal in the world of eye patches. And our story reminds us that with creativity, hard work, and a dash of professionalism, you can turn simple ideas into something truly extraordinary.

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